Welcome to my humble blog

What you are looking at right now is a blog statically generated with a bash script. Hacked together in notime. I'm a big fan of minimalism[1], so that felt like the way to roll. The input is written in markdown so it's easy to write in and to convert to whatever format.


The blog itself is generated by a small bash script. Metadata such as creation time and updates are taken straight out of git.

Subjects of this blog

This blog will deal with my research into text entry system. Expect a quite comprehensive analysis on said model.

My obsession with computers in general goes back many a year, however for the last few years I've been thinking constantly on how to reinvent text entry.

Reasons for a new approach to text entry:

My targets are the following:

NIM lang

As my hybris made me try to tackle an issue where people are very accustomed to their habbits, ease of demonstration is of necessity. As such I planned on creating web demos for the approaches so that the software can be tested online with little investment. Still as we're dealing with a keyboard that needs systems ingtegration and the possibility of a small resource footrpint that made the choice tricky. That is until I find nim, which suits my needs quite nicely since it can compile both to C and to javascript. Besides a lot of analysis on text that might require quite large dataspaces it seems like a good fit. So expect a lot of posts on the nim language.

What has been achieved so far

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Video introduction

For christmas '18 I put together a rather silly game, where people could test different approaches of input. Playable with a gamepad, might want to check out configuration first.


Mathdemo using MathJAX and recursive grid system

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Youtube demo

Appart from that I find that an interesting application for my findings would be for math editing. Where I think I've found quite a nifty approach, balancing speed and learning curves quite nicely.


Already existing work

Up until december '18, I was unaware of the Dasher project which seems to deal with a lot of the issues in a similar manner. Primarily to make use of an compression algorithm transfered to the user level. The difference in approach there is that the Dasher works via continous movements and I took a more discrete approach. The dasher model compresses via arithmetic coding whereas huffman trees seemd like a better match to me.

Video series

Click images for video. Appologies for audio quality in advance!

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Writing text using a gamepad

Bitchute thumb Keyboard vs. Treeboard, does the theory hold up

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A disappointment, a surprise and the future

Further reading

Footnotes, sources attributions

[1] Suffer from acute N.I.H. syndrome